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Trespassing Defined


Trespassing occurs when an individual enters onto property that is owned by another person without permission from the owner. Trespassing cases may be civil or criminal in nature, depending upon the type of property onto which an individual has entered. There are legal repercussions associated with trespassing.

If the property owner decides to press charges, the offender may be required to face a judge and obtain a punishment for his/her actions. However, unless an individual has committed a more serious offense while trespassing, such as burglary or vandalism, his/her punishment will be relatively minor. He/she may be required to pay a specified fine or complete community service.

An individual is not likely to be incarcerated for trespassing. If an individual has been convicted of trespassing on more than one occasion, he/she may be issued a higher fine. If he/she makes a habit of criminal trespassing, a judge may order a short jail sentence, though this is very rare

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