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Understanding Copyrights over the Internet


In order to obtain copyrights, individuals generally must meet several requirements. They must be able to prove that they created the work and the timeline for that creation. In addition, they must know when it was first made publicly available. Lastly, they must not have voluntarily given up those rights by taking part in a user agreement on certain types of websites. Like many laws, Internet copyright infringement laws have not been able to keep up with the speed of technology. Items found in public domains, such as the Internet, can have confusing laws that govern them. For example, any factual information cannot be copyrighted, as it is considered common knowledge. However, original ideas, or ideas expressed in a unique way, can be copyrighted even when in public domain. However, the distinction between an idea and the unique expression of an idea can get rather complicated, especially when that information is located in a public domain. Internet copyright infringement is a common problem. However, there should be more obvious rules and regulations readily available to people that enter websites. In addition, laws must be constantly updated in order to keep pace with quickly changing technology. Public education campaigns, such as those found on some recent DVDs, can be highly effective. In addition, individuals that choose to publish their original works online should be sure that they protect it through copyright before doing so.

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