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Definition of Corruption


The term corruption can be applied in various ways and in different contexts. However, in regards to laws, corruption refers to the abuse of power on behalf of an individual for either personal gain or some other kind of benefit, which can also be an illegal act. Corruption, therefore, based on the abuse of power can occur in particular situations where there is a hierarchy of power in place.

This could be at the workplace, law enforcement, and the government and politics. Typically speaking, when speaking about corruption most will usually associate the term in the context of political corruption or corruption in law enforcement.

Political corruption can entail any kind of illegal activity done by a person in power in order to gain some sort of advantage, such as money or even political position. This can be done through bribes, the embezzlement of funds, and extortion or blackmail. However, a corrupt action will not always necessarily be considered as strictly illegal, but may be morally questionable. An example could be a politician placing certain family members or friends in certain positions so as to act in the general interest of that politician.

Corruption in law enforcement is another example. A corrupt law enforcement officer may do certain things in order to gain some sort of benefit. An example could be a person being pulled over for a traffic violation. A corrupt officer may request a bribe in order to get rid of the violation, which often will come in the form of money

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