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What You Need to Know About The Federal Court House

Federal Court House

A Federal courthouse is a courthouse in which Federal judicial proceedings occur. There are many different types of courthouses located throughout the United States. Federal courthouses handle cases that involve Federal violations. If an individual has committed a Federal crime, he/she will be tried in a Federal courthouse.Within the Federal judicial system, there are three different court levels: the District Courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

Each type of Federal court possesses a different Federal courthouse. The District Court comprises of the lowest level of the Federal judicial system. A District Courthouse is located in every State throughout the United States. More extensive states often possess multiple District Courthouses. For example, California has four different District Courthouses.

The U.S. Court of Appeals makes up the next level of Federal courts. When an individual wants the verdict of a Federal case to be reviewed, the decision will be evaluated by the Court of Appeals. There are a number of Court of Appeals courthouses located throughout the country. However, they are not as numerous as the District Courts. There are 11 different circuits, or Court of Appeals courthouses, situated in different locations throughout the United States. These circuits are separated by geographical boundaries.

For example, the states of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama comprise the eleventh circuit, which is represented by one Federal courthouse.

There is only one Supreme Federal courthouse. The home of the highest level of the Federal judicial system is located in Washington D.C.

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